The History of Workflows

The workflow we use today was inspired by the flowchart process, a visual aid to implementing process, or step-by-step instructions.

Before the option of organizational tools, there were time consuming inner-department meetings either to get its staff up to speed or on task followed up by inter-department meetings to collaborate schedules, budgets, tasks and project development

Workflows have a history that can be followed back to a group of men in England. A study was performed concerning the value of an intentional, logically organized work process, specifically as concerns the area of manufacturing. Those processes that concerned the gentlemen performing this study were those that involved the flow of energy and mass, a study that was enhanced with the inclusion of motion and time studies.

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Workflows are an incredibly complex subject, and there is much more that goes into the development and implementation of them. The continued study of this important concept will only serve to benefit those who are involved with managing the intricate details of process development in the workplace.